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"Curtain Call's 'It Run’s in the Family' a hit"

It Runs in the Family Curtain Calls 'Family' a hit

The Timmins Daily Press - By Robert Thompson   Timmins - Curtain Call's production of Ray Cooney's It Runs in the Family played to an appreciative audience for its opening night at the William Dawson Theatre. Apparently this was the first directing experience for Bonnie Autio and Nina Alberton. You'd never know it! The cast worked as an inspired unit. Comedy of this type quickly falls flat if the timing isn't exact and the physical- humor isn't believable. These performers carried it off with style. The first revelation created by Jane Tate (Anne-Marie Larivee) with Dr. Mortimore (Gerard Arsenault) is riveting. Glancing sideways, I actually saw people leaning forward in intense concentration - , only to fall backwards in peals of laughter. Later there is a scene where Matron (Heather Swietek) is trying to administer medication to Leslie (Niilo Autio), while high above the streets of London! The Physical illusion is enough to make you gasp for breath. This was Ben's favorite part, but I'll tell you more about him later. The play is full of multiple identities and white lies. You must pay attention or you'll find yourself as confused as poor Dr. Bonney (Vesa Autio). A lot of the laughs from the audience came from the facial reactions of the players as they encountered one strange twist after another. Vesa and Arsenault were wizards when it cam to the look of startled bewilderment. There were several scenes when these fine comic actors were discovered in compromising situations and the looks they provided the audience was pure artistry. There were several players who were acting with Curtain Call for the first time. It has been said that there are no minor roles, just minor actors. In my opinion each part was well cast and delivered, especially that of Matron. Swietek was the strident head nurse who tells Dr. Mortimore that he "varicose condition of the rectum." She later falls under the spell of more than one overdose from Dr. Bonney, She certainly deserved the floral bouquet that was presented to her from the audience during the final bow. I had the great plea- sure of sharing the show with a veteran performer. Ben Swietek, 6. He tells me her nearly fell off the stage on that occasion. Presently is in his rehearsal for his part in 'Twas' the Night Before Christmas". Sitting beside me, he kept me informed of staging and behind- the-scenes special effects. As he was putting on his coat, young Ben exclaimed, I told ya' it would be funny!" Don't miss the show. It will get your Christmas smile started.