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"Début performance deserves many Curtain Calls"

Opening Night a delight

Début performance deserves many Curtain Calls The Timmins Daily Press - By Donna Rescorla STAFF WRITER   Timmins - Opening Night is a premier performance. Audience members at the début production of Curtain Call were amused onlookers to one bizarre situation after another. Norm Foster's comedy is filled with stock characters and predictable outcomes but the evening's performance transcended the ordinary. Taking Foster's witty conversations and insight in relationship, director Anne-Marie Larivee and her cast added split-second timing and an enjoyment of the characters to create delightful experience. Set in the theatre on opening night, the play revolves around Ruth (Marilyn Parnell) and Jack (Guy Allard) Tisdale, a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary doing something she wants, for a change. He comes reluctantly, uncomfortable in his unaccustomed tie (which he has tied so the ends barely reach his stomach). He also protests missing the seventh game of the World Series. As counterpoint to the older couple, Richard Hyde-Finch (Gerard Arsenault), the director and his girlfriend Cilla Fraser (Bonnie Autio) are wondering whether they have any future. Ruth is determined to introduce Jack to the cultured world of the theatre. Instead, they cross paths with the has-been actor Michael Craig (Vesa Autio) who has been forced to take jobs in commercials to eke out a living. They also meet Tom Delaney (Paul Perreault), a wannabe actor, as well as Libby Husnaik (Nina Alberton) and Clayton Fry (Ross Libby) the two performers of the play within the play. A first time actor, Allard had the character of Jack down to perfection, down to the constant pulling up his pants and tucking in his shirt. Arsenault again shows the skill with physical comedy and double takes which has marked his performance in the past. Parnell delights anew with her partly innocent, partly wise portrayal. Paul Perreault shows an utterly different aspect of his acting. The entire cast is equally effective in their roles. Anything that can go wrong does, both in the relationships and with the play, and the audience is invited to share in the fun. As the action carries along, the actors are right on the nark for their lines, creating a sense of spontaneity as well as getting maximum laughter from the gag lines, double entendres and 'unintentional' humor laced through the script. The dialogue is witty but the physical humor is even greater. It has to be seen to be believed. For Thursday's performance, the William Dawson Theatre at Timmins High and Vocational School was about half full but the reaction from the audience was so appreciative , it filled the hall. Anyone wanting to spend an evening of pure entertainment and boisterous fun shouldn't miss Opening Night. It continues tonight and Saturday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $9 in advance at all Shoppers Drug Marts and $10 at the door.