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"Repartee is fast and furious in local production of The Odd Couple"
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Performers Clean Up - Repartee is fast and furious May 23, 1997 -- The Timmins Daily Press - By Jeffrey Ougler ...   Timmins - Opening night jitters were not in evidence at the w. Dawson Theatre Thurs - day night as Curtain Call came through once again with a polished bit of comedy as they presented their version of the The Odd Couple, written by Neil Simon. One of the neat things about quality local theatre is that after 10 minutes you forget that you KNOW the actors. The subtle way that the actors' characters can take precedence over their real life persona is a real indicator of the fine performance. This play was a twist on the male dominated version with the tension between the neat-nick Florence Unger (Bonnie Autio) and her slob of a roommate Olive Madison (Marilyn Parnell) still very much in evidence. At one point Madison exclaims, " I can't even have dirty dreams 'cause you come in and clean them!" The repartee is fast and furious in some scenes. All actors showed an excellent sense of timing through these exchanges of one-liners. I particularly enjoyed the early scene where the Trivial Pursuit gamesters were trying so VERY hard to not upset Florence Ultimately one of tem slips and the game of deceit is lost. The cast worked very well together but I particularly enjoyed the way Parnell was able to move through her character through extreme, almost farcical, comedy into the realm of genuine empathy. The two male characters played by Paul Perreault and Rick Cecconi reminded me of Lenny and Squiggy from the old Laverne and Shirley TV show. There are some excellent sight gags to watch for too. The audience enjoyed what Olive did with the vacuum cleaner cord. Later, Olive showed she learned something from Florence by innocently folding a napkin. Maybe watching this will remind you of your spouse or an old college room-mate or a mother-in- law. These fine entertainers will be holding forth for two more shows, Friday and Saturday. Don't miss this chance to laugh out loud with your friends and neighbours.