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AUDIENCE & WEB SITE REVIEWS The most recent additions will be added to the top. Date: January 29, 2007 Just a quick note to tell you how much my wife, friends and I really enjoyed the play on Friday The hard work you all put in was quite evident, from the set design to the script delivery... Kudos to all of you. It was a great night out in Big Oak. Mike Tambeau Date: January 26, 2007 Just thought we would let you know what we thought of the Curtain Call production Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak. We both enjoyed it - it was comical, lines were flawlessly presented (there were a few pauses, but nothing major) and all actors/actresses had outstanding performances. As usual, Vesa's (sp) performance was wonderful and always enjoy watching him in his roles.  (Tell me though - what did he do to his hair - I don't remember it being so full and dark.........haha)  We enjoyed it much more than the last one and look forward to the next one. We give it:  2 thumbs up. Pat Ciccone & Jo Caughell Date: 05 July 2006 The new web site is awesome ...... very impressive, great work man .... talk to you soon. Heather Campbell Date: 02 Feb 2006 Loved your most  recent play "Murder in The Magnolias. Keep up the good work Curtain Call. Kelly Date: 13 Apr 200 It was a fabulous show!! keep up the good work!!~ could you contact us when U put on your next show? we are from Iroquois Falls. Kelly n'the kidz!!   Date: 27 May 2000 Hi Mr. Cecconi just checking out your site and must say that it is great and well done. I will continue checking this site for updates and can't wait for your next play keep up the good work. Ray Auclair   Date: 19 Oct 2000 hey....miss Hollywood.. are you serious? that's my brother you're talking about. Uncle Kari is that you again? the doctors said not to go off the Prozac...when will you ever learn? whoever this Aaron guy is must be a pretty popular guy... this website is pretty good and glad to see mom and dad involved in computers.. they used to be scared of them.. Ha-ha.. just kidding Mom...great job Rick.. you're the man.. great that I can come on here and visit the show since being away at school prevents me from seeing the actual shows.. love and miss you guys wish I could see the talent from Timmins again...hope to catch you guys someday if I ever return to the North...ciao babes. M. Autio Date: 12 Nov 2000 This site really helped me with an assignment. I think your set your site up in a very clear and helpful way. Elise Vertin November 22, 2000 In regards to our last visitors comments: Elise - Curtain Call is very happy that our web site was able to help you with your assignment. We are also grateful for your additional comments and hope that you return to our site again. Thank you Date: 16 Dec 2000 I am a member of Warren Players in Warren, PA and while doing research for our up coming production of Noises Off I came across your site. Congrats on your success so far and Good luck. May you have a thousand more years of good theater. Rebecca Date: 17 Mar 2001 As the 3118th person to visit this site, it continues to entertain me. The photo gallery is great to see and the links are quite useful.  Keep up the great work, and don't stop producing - what would Timmins be without you folks!? Roscoe P. Coltrane Date: 24 Mar 2001 I was born in Timmins and now live in St. Catharines Ont. In 1999 we took the Klondike tour from Skagway Alaska to Dawson Yukon. My wife and I attended the follies in White Horse and saw the stage play about Sam McGee, what a laugh!. So maybe you can write a comedy about the good old mining days in Timmins. Your web site is A-plus. As one of my old past away friends, being Vic Portelance would say, talk is cheap but it takes money to buy beer.. Terry Burke Date: 29 May 2001 Could you please send me some information on upcoming performances. Thanks, Kristina Moreau Tourism Radio Network CKTT 94.3 FM Date: 30 May 2001 Checked out your web site for the very first time. Very pleasing to the eye.!!! Keep up the good work Bro. Randy Cecconi Date: 10 Jul 2001 Very good web page, I didn't know of a theater group in Timmins. What is your next project and when will it be? Date: 23 July 2001 Just a quick hello from a former resident of Timmins now living in Tokyo. Hello Norma...all is well in the land of the rising sun. Peter Cassidy. P.S. The web site is looking good. Date: 27 Sep 2001 Excellent web page! I am a high school drama teacher and I can really use a lot of the info on your web page. Rick Rhodes Date: 27 Jan 2002 Hi, I enjoyed your web page it was interesting and informative. However I would suggest that you add a cost for the tickets in your advertising. Only a suggestion. Ray Date: 02 Feb 2002 Your web site is very informative and I just want to say that I saw the play tonight and it was very funny and great to see two new people in your cast. Thanks and keep up the great entertainment. Ann Ship Date: 08 Feb 2002 Hi Rick.. Just sending you a note to tell you how much we enjoyed the play. The cast and crew did a great job and we look forward to your next one. Really enjoyed Vesa - his facial expressions and mannerisms always make me laugh. Gerard was great as well. Ross Libby played his part well and God does he ever remind me of his Mom!! Jim O'Sullivan also fit the role to perfection. Congrats to all of them. Anyway, thanks for an enjoyable evening. Pat Ciccone Date: 06 Apr 2002 Your web site looks very good. I wish you best of luck in your endeavours . sincerely. Murray Timmins Date: 09 Jun 2002 Hello Vesa: I was in touch with Kevin just to see what's shaking in Boston. Big Fire! Check out kfcasting.com. Why not invite Kevin up for audition Workshops and send out your invitations to various theatres in the north. It might fly and you would get see an old buddy, me too, provide an essential service and possibly help your theatre. I know I would take the workshop. High school students in the area would appreciate such a workshop. Kevin has an amazing list of credits. Hope to hear from you. Silvana. Date: 18 Jun 2002 Great and interesting site. From South Dakota community theatre. Have a great season! Date: 12 Sep 2002 Your site is wonderful! Can hardly wait to see a production! My best wishes to you all. Trudy Couvier/Bacvar Date: 08 Apr 2003 What a great site, greetings from Bali, keep up the good work. Sarmi Date: 12 Apr 2003 yours web site is OK. Tadeusz